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What Happened Next…

 Posted by on 30 June 2010
Jun 302010

So to continue from the last entry, my date paid our bill and the two of us were playing a little game of asking questions.  After a few back and forth, he looked at me and asked me how I was feeling.

I still wasn’t sure if I was ready or wanting to fuck him.  First of all, it was already late.  Second, he was cute and super charming and smart, but I didn’t have that feeling of having my heart skip-a-beat and “know” I wanted to fuck him.  So I told him that I would like to sit in his car and kiss for a while and save the sex for another time.  He said that sounded great, so we agreed to leave the bar and go to his car.

Once inside, we made sure we were in a dark area of the parking lot and started with a nice soft, intense lip lock.  I melted.  He was such a great kisser.  We kissed for a really long time.  At one point, he held my face between his hands and just focused his lips on mine.  I ran my fingers through his soft, sexy curls and pulled them just a little bit.  I carefully teased my hand over his shorts where his cock was straining the fabric and zipper at his fly.  The longer I kissed him, the more I found myself thinking I should have allowed him to take me to a hotel.   I dropped my head into his lap and teased his hard cock with my face and lips through the fabric of his shorts.  He held his hands on the back of my head with just the right amount of pressure.  Nothing forceful at all.  It was as though his carefully placed hands were silently begging me not to stop.

After a bit, I laid down on the seat and allowed him to take the lead.  While I had my head in his lap, he had unhooked my bra, so my breasts were free and he carefully lifted my shirt to suck on my excited nipples.  Then he started playing with my clit through my jeans.  Once again, I was kicking myself for telling him we should save the sex for next time.  I wanted to have sex with this man really badly.  He made me cum inside my jeans and after a while, he unzipped my jeans to give his fingers better access.  He filled my pussy with his fingers and worked my clit until I exploded all over his fingers.  I pulled his hand out so that I could taste myself on him.  Not only did I lick his fingertips, but I took each finger into my mouth as deep as I could and I did some gentle biting with my teeth.  I am definitely a biter and may men don’t like it, but my new playmate looked at me and asked me, “Why do I like biting so much?”  That clinched it for me.  I may have met a boyfriend who won’t complain when I inadvertently express my orgasmic pleasure with my teeth.

Very fun.  I left the parking lot with a smile on my face, smelling my pheromones wafting through the air as I drove home.  I haven’t yet chose a pseudonym for this potential boyfriend, but maybe by the next time I see him I will have something to call him.

I might be seeing the first Mr. Craigslist tomorrow night for a little late night fun/fuck.  Which means I should get to sleep since I do have to work a full day tomorrow.

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    That is so fucking hot! I haven’t made out in a car in FOREVER. And I don’t think it was ever as good as that sounds like it was. YUM!

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