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Swinging while my Husband Watches

 Posted by on 29 October 2009
Oct 292009

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to write about our “extra-curricular” activities from last weekend.  A couple months ago, my husband expressed his desire to watch me have sex with another guy.  This isn’t the typical way that we swing.  We generally either play together with other couples swapping partners, or we go out separately on solo dates. When we re-entered the swinging world last year, I told hubby I wasn’t really in the mood to do threesomes. Although threesomes are how we originally got started in this lifestyle many many years ago, it just wasn’t something I desired at this time in our lives.

So when my husband first expressed this new desire, I was a little bit aprehensive, but gave it some serious consideration.  After all, I love my husband and I really enjoy being with him sexually.  Maybe it would be fun to have him watch me? We talked quite a bit about who might be the right guy for this scenario.  Hubby said that he wanted it to be someone who REALLY turned me on so he could watch me in action fully enjoying myself. He also didn’t want it to be any of our regular partners or people he considers “friends” in the lifestyle. As he put it, he wanted it to be a random booty call guy.

The problem with this scenario is that I don’t generally get really turned on by the whole random booty call thing. I find that the best connections are made when there is some familiarity with the person.  I like for the chemistry to be pre-established prior to actually sleeping with someone. It’s very hard to relax with a guy you don’t know very well, and it’s even harder to enjoy yourself sexually when you aren’t relaxed. So it took a bit of thinking to figure out a guy who I know and am very turned on by, but who hubby doesn’t know.  Because we sometimes go out separately, there were a couple guys who I had met at parties and such while hubby was out of town fishing. One guy in particular came to mind, but he lives a few hours away.  He comes into town about once a month on business.  We tried to make it happen last time he was in town, but our schedules didn’t sync up.  Last Saturday, I got a text message from him saying that he had a hotel room in town and was looking for some company.  When I read his text message, I instantly got very excited hoping that hubby was still interested in fulfilling his fantasy.  I texted back and forth a bit with the guy and sure enough, he was game for the whole “hubby watching” plan too.

Hubby and I got ready and left for his hotel around 6:30pm.  The plan was to meet him at 7pm and see what happened from there.  About 10 minutes before we arrived, he texted to let me know that some other people had stopped by the room as well.  Saturday night was a very popular lifestyle Halloween party in our area, which was the reason this guy was in town.  These parties attract hundreds of attendees and many of them get rooms at one of three nearby hotels.  So it’s quite common for folks to filter in and out of each other’s rooms.  So it was really no problem.  We arrived and realized the people in his room were actually some other friends of ours.  We had a nice time, had a few drinks, admired everyone’s costumes, got a little tipsy, but no playing in that group.  After what seemed  like forever, the “other” folks left and my visiting guy came over and gave me a very sensual kiss.  Prior to Saturday night, we had only kissed one other time that I remember and probably met only two or three times.

The guy’s kiss was so nice.  Not hard or intense, but very sensual, sexy, and relaxed!  I knew I wanted to fuck him before we all left to go to the Halloween party.  I can’t remember exactly how everything got started, but the three of us (the guy, me, and my hubby) ended up on the same bed.  I think I was the first one to get my clothes off as my new playmate went down on me.  While he was doing that, hubby was kissing me and stroking my hair.  It was so nice and wonderful.  After a while, I took of the guys pants and sucked his gorgeous penis.  At this point, hubby still had all his clothes on, so while I was giving my new date head, I reached inside my husbands pants and began stroking his hard cock.

So I’m not sure how many details I want to get into here.  So I am just going to say that it was so nice to have hubby there to help take care of my needs while I was having fun with a sexy playmate.  Hubby would gently move my hair out of my face, rub my shoulders, turn the lights down, hold my hand, and kiss me all over.  I actually really enjoyed having him there with me.  Like I said, this is not generally how we do our thing, and it’s not even something I thought I wanted, but it turned out to be so much fun!  I definitely want to do it again!! With our same playmate and maybe with some others.  The funny thing is I feel like I want to thank my husband for the wonderful experience, even though technically it was HIS fantasy that we were fulfilling.  That is the wonderful thing about swinging……everyone wins!

Image Credit: Anya Uribe / Deviant Art


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