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Swingers get FREE Ice Cream!!

 Posted by on 9 November 2009
Nov 092009
Swingers Get Free Ice Cream by Sabrina Swings

This story needs a little background.

There is a weekly swingers event in the Twin Cities that used to meet in a neighborhood bar very close to our house. The bar is very small and other than our lifestyle group, there would typically be a handful of regulars in there as well. After several weeks, the regulars began to figure out exactly the nature of our group’s “mutual” interest. One of the regulars is a woman who also works as a cashier at the grocery store we go to.

Hubby went grocery shopping tonight and this woman was working his checkout lane. She greeted him by name and asked him how he’s been. It caught hubby off guard a bit because we’ve never actually talked to this woman other than the regular chit-chat you might have with your grocery cashier. Not sure how she knew his name, but whatever. Then she says, “You don’t go down to the bar with your group anymore?” Hubby took the comment in stride and explained that the group was now meeting at a different bar.

She continued to ring up the groceries and asked my hubby if he wanted her to ring in the ice-cream. (It was still in the cart.) He explained that he was shopping with a budget, so he was going to actually skip the ice-cream today. Instead, the cashier just waved the ice cream through and didn’t charge him for it!!

Nice!! Not only do we get to have sex with other people, we also get FREE ice cream!

Artwork by Anya Uribe at Deviant Art / Used by permission



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