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Spending the Night

 Posted by on 29 December 2011
Dec 292011

Sexy Swinger SleepoverSo out of the blue, my husband says to me that I can do a sleepover with MrBadBoy whenever I want.   It caught me a little off guard because we weren’t even talking about sleepovers.   I couldn’t figure what prompted him to suddenly make this declaration.  Had I said something that made my hubby think I wanted to do a sleepover?

When I was at his place on Tuesday night, MrBadBoy had mentioned that one of his girlfriends spends the night sometimes.  He wasn’t asking me to spend the night or implying that he might ever want me to, unless the comment was his way of opening the conversation?  I’ve never done an overnight with one of my playmates.  In the beginning, hubby wasn’t comfortable with the idea of a sleepover.  Not sure if that was generally, or if it had more to do with the guy who was asking.  Apparently things have changed.

When I asked hubby what suddenly prompted this change of heart, he reminded me that he has done sleepovers with two of his playmates, and a third has asked for permission to have him sleep over.  Then I remembered that one of the girls got up in the morning and made him a hot breakfast before he left for work (5:30am) —- ugh!  I definitely don’t want to do sleepovers if it means that I have to make breakfast in the morning.  LOL  Having kids makes doing a sleepover a little difficult as well, since I’d either need to leave early enough to get home before the kids wake up or come up with an excuse for why I’m not home.

I guess I need to do some more thinking on this topic.  I’m not sure I really want to do a sleepover.  What’s the point anyway?  Is it about intimacy?  Cuddling?  Morning sex availability?  I think I would rather have a group party sleepover where we all party late into the night and then wake up to a flirtatious breakfast with mimosas and bloody marys.


I’m curious.  Do you do sleepover playdates?  Why or why not?  What do you like about them?  Should I give it a try?  Post a comment or send me an email at sabrinaswings-AT-gmail.com

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    I general don’t spend an entire night with anyone but my husband. I’m usually at the man’s home or hotel so it’s easy to walk out. Recently, we’ve invited select men to our home (my children are now grown and out of the house. Otherwise, that would never happen), and I have only allowed two of the men to spend the night with me. Since they are men my husband and I fully trust. However, it’s really not that sexy to wake up with another man. It’s very disorientated and to be honest, I don’t feel sexy in the morning nor do I like morning sex. The two men I spent the night with (my husband was not at home on both occassions) both wanted more play in the morning and I was more interested in getting the day started. I allowed them both a quickie before cleaning up, making breakfast and showing them out the door to my relief.

    I did it twice and I don’t think I will be doing that often. I don’t mind it with my husband, in fact I love waking up with him in bed. We are so comfortable with each other and a quickie is not necessary. We usually just get up and he makes the breakfast on the weekends and then we enjoy a nice time together.

    With the other men, no matter how found I am of them, it all boils down to sex. I only want them for sex and nothing else.



    Thank you for the comment, Natalie. I still haven’t come up with any good reason to do a sleepover with one of my playmates. I agree that I probably wouldn’t wake up feeling sexy and would most likely want to either leave or show him the door as soon as possible. Maybe what I would like is to fall asleep while cuddling and then have him be gone in the morning when I wake up. Yes, I definitely think that would be quite sexy!

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