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Sexy Time with a New Friend

 Posted by on 8 January 2010
Jan 082010

To follow up my last post, the day after I had that little text message exchange with my hubby, a new friend asked if I might be able to slip away for some playtime on Saturday.  Although I had an extremely busy weekend with the kids and running them to all their activities, I did have a few hours in the afternoon free.  I double checked with my hubby and let my new friend know that I could meet him at about 3:30.   He asked me to suggest someplace that was close to me, so I gave him the name of a motel about 5 miles from home that hubby has used with a friend.  It’s clean, convenient, and cheap!  Perfect for lifestyle trysts.

The anticipation with this particular playmate was pretty intense.  We’ve actually been out a couple times with some very nice “making out”, but we hadn’t actually had sex yet.  I know I was excited to finally find out exactly how much fun we could have together.

I got home from my son’s hockey game about 2:30 and hopped in the shower to get ready for my date.  I had allowed myself almost a full hour to get ready.  I took my time shaving and moisturizing, doing my hair and makeup, and slipping into something clean and casual.  Prior to getting dressed, I got a text from my date saying that he wasn’t going to make it after all.   I texted him and immediately got a phone call back from him letting me know that he had made some arrangements and we were still on for 3:30.  I gave him the name and location of the hotel and told him to call when he was close.

Once he arrived, he checked in and texted me the room number.  He met me in the hallway and walked me to the room.  I really enjoyed the fact that we had met a few times prior because I wasn’t at all nervous or uncomfortable.  I lit some candles that I had brought along; I HATE having sex with all the lights on!! We kissed for a bit and started messing around on top of the bedspread.  I quickly stopped to get us onto the nice clean sheets and we joked about me being germ-o-phobic.  But everyone knows they don’t wash those hotel spreads and people have sex on them all the time.  GROSS!  I jokingly said that the bedspread was probably stained with my husband’s cum from his own visit(s) to the place.  Once I brought that up, my playmate was more agreeable to my suggestion of getting us in the sheets.  LOL

So I really need to get better about blogging these experiences right after they happen so I can really remember how the sex actually progressed.  We kissed and rubbed our bodies together and he, of course, went down on me, since I had expressed earlier my affinity for that particular sex act.  He did a very nice job of arousing me, although I’m not sure if he is one of those men who LOVE to eat pussy.  I remember at one time saying to him something like “just a little bit longer, please baby” while gently guiding his head back down to my sweet throbbing pussy.  I also enjoyed wrapping my lips around his thick, hard cock.  Some men have a slight curve to their penis, but this guy’s is very straight, thick, and symmetrical.   I’m not a girl who can give hard, fast blow jobs.  Instead I prefer to gently arouse with my tongue and lips making the cock ache and throb in anticipation of more.  I like to engulf the cock in my mouth, while barely touching my lips to the shaft, enticing it to grow so that it can feel my lips.  I like to slowly take more and more of it into my throat until I gag slightly; I can’t quite deep throat, but I will try!  I did all of this to his gorgeous cock and then asked him if he was ready to fuck me.

He put on the condom and kept the hard on.  Hooray!   We fucked doggy style for quite a while and then tried some other positions as well.   He had two techniques that he used while fucking me.  Once was nice, the other not exactly my cup of tea.   Many guys try the kind of fucking where they thrust into me with one quick, hard thrust.  I’ve not yet found someone who can do that in a way that I enjoy.  The other thing he tried was awesome.  He fucked me slow and steady, but pulling out enough with each thrust that the head of his cock had to “pop” back into me each time.  Not quite all the way out, but enough that I could feel the ridge of his head at the opening to my vagina.  It was really, really nice and kind of new.

During our encounter, I would hear his breathing and pace start to quicken.  I remember one time begging him not to cum yet.  He assured me that he promised not to cum until I asked him to.  He followed through on that promise too.  Mmmmmmmmm!!  I like that!  We had a wonderful time and then chatted for a bit in bed about his parties and some mutual acquaintances.  Then I had to leave and get back to the kids.

That evening at my son’s second hockey game, some of the parents said that they had stayed between the games and gone out to lunch.  I slyly smiled thinking about what they would think if they knew I how I spent those same hours.   I spent the rest of the afternoon in a very good mood and excited to tell my husband all about my naughty play time.   I wanted to fuck again within a few hours.  I really think my ideal playdate would consist of sex, followed by going out for a meal, a movie, or some other kind of “vanilla” date, and then returning for another round of sex.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

So I didn’t give this playdate a blog-name yet.  Trying to think of something that describes him, but isn’t too close to his actual handle on Lifestyle Lounge. For now, he shall remain unnamed. In fact, I’m not sure I am liking the handle-idea for the purposes of this blog anyway.

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    Oooh . . . I love thinking of you preparing a spreadsheet to keep track of the names of all of your paramours. Also, I love reading about your bi-guy fetish (you *know* I do) and also noting the ways in which we have similar turn-ons and turn-offs (and then also noting the ways we differ). Head-popping = so hot!


    Um….how did you know about my spreadsheet??

    I actually have a word document and an excel spreadsheet each documenting different information.

    You understand me all too well!



    I wish I could find my way into your suburbs.
    I’d love to play with all of you–and I fucking love cunnilingus.


    Hi buddy, your blog’ s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!

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