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Sex and Handcuffs With Mr BadBoy

 Posted by on 15 August 2010
Aug 152010

What is it about bondage and domination that makes sex so incredibly hot sometimes?  Is it because pain and fear incite a rush of adreneline and that rush causes a shift in the pleasure centers of the brain?  I’m not a neurologist, so I can’t explain why pain and pleasure seem to be so intimately entwined.   I can, however, give you a little taste of one experience I had with a very naughty playmate who surprised me one night when I visited his place for a playdate.  I blogged about my first date with MrBadBoy way back in November in this post.   I suppose it was a few weeks to a couple months later when the story I am about to tell you happened.

Our first date was a morning playdate,  the second time I went over in the evening.  Once again, he met me outside and walked me into his basement apartment.  The lights were low and some candles were burning.  He started out by pressing me up against the wall and kissing me.  Some men are soft and slow when they kiss, which can be incredibly sexy and erotic.  Other men, like MrBadBoy, have kisses that are hard, intense, and more intrusive.   MrBadboy has a way of taking charge that encourages me to melt into a pool of submission.   His hands intertwine in my hair, softly at first, but then suddenly pulling so that my head twists.  With my head at this angle, he can whisper in my ear.   What does he whisper?  “Are you going to be a good girl and do what you are told tonight?”  I nod, carefully, so that I don’t intensify the pain of my hair being pulled.  It doesn’t matter though, because my nod isn’t the answer my bad boy is looking for.  “I can’t hear you,” he says with a hard edge in his voice while giving my hair another tug.  “Yes,” I whisper, then quickly say again a bit louder so that I’m sure he can hear me.  His grip on my hair loosens slightly, but his hand remains there as a warning.

Just that little exchange up against the wall made me such a happy girl.  It’s difficult to find playmates in this lifestyle with whom there is real, intense chemistry.  MrBadBoy’s immediate willingness to show me how the night was going to proceed made my heart race with anticipation and my cunt start lubricating itself with sweet wetness.  We kissed for a while in his living room.  I went down to my knees and buried my face against his growing cock.  With painstaking slowness, I made my way inside his pants to suck his cock.  There was porn playing on the television, and when I caught a glimpse of the screen, I saw a woman down on her knees doing just what I was doing at the time.  MrBadBoy likes to make sure I know when I’m pleasing him by telling me what a good girl I am.  BadBoy and GoodGirl, such a fucking hot combination.

Eventually we moved into his bedroom and we switched roles, him burying his face in my pussy and making me cum over and over with his mouth and hand.  When we were finally ready to fuck, he moved his body on top of mine and placed his hands firmly around my wrists.  I so love the feeling of being held down while getting fucked.  I like to be a bit insolent and move my wrists, daring my playmate to intensify his grip.   I playfully resisited against his grip for a while, but MrBadBoy made sure I wasn’t going to win that game.  He reached his hand under the pillow and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.  These weren’t the kind of handcuffs you buy in an adult toy store.  These were the real deal…..the kind of hand-cuffs that need a real key to open.   How did I know they were real?  Because I know what MrBadBoy does for a living and it requires real, working handcuffs.  He placed them on so that my wrists were shackled above my head and proceeded to make me squirm and cum and scream with pleasure.   Every move I made seemed to tighten the handcuffs until I had to politely request that they be taken off.   MrBadBoy immediately complied and tenderly removed the handcuffs.

I’m not sure if all dominant men are the type to become immediately tender once the domination is over, but that is what works for me.  I need to know that when I’m done, my partner will immediately comply and move to a more tender, caring, gentle sex that makes me feel precious and appreciated and glowing with endorphins.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff when it’s with the right partner.

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    i love that bondage or whips itb makes m more horney! love being a slave to that anytime satifacion youll get .


    wish i had someone to share it with just have evolor that makes the rules boring. moving on.

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