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Our First Craigslist Posting

 Posted by on 9 November 2009
Nov 092009

Wednesday of last week, we tried something completely new. We posted a Craigslist ad looking for a couple who might want to host us for an evening of playtime. We were just very much in the mood to play, but these sort of short order searches generally don’t usually amount to a whole lot. Typically, we would post what’s called a booty call on our favorite swinger site: Lifestyle Lounge. Even though LL’s booty call list is well known for having a very low success rate, I have met a few fun people that way and even had sex with a couple of them. It’s been rumored that people have some amount of success hooking up on Craigslist, so we decided to give it a try. I posted a message describing hubby and I and asking for people to send us a photo if they wanted a reply.

First thing that happened is a lifestyle friend of mine (guy who I play with) sent me a text asking if hubby and I were on Craigslist. Apparently I was a bit too specific with our descriptions; I did list our correct city, ages, hair color/styles, heights, and weights. Hubby suggested that maybe I should be a bit more vague next time in case people we know outside the lifestyle might be browsing just for kicks. I guess I figured being specific would help avoid the need to post a photo and risk being found out. Apparently when you describe yourself to a T, you don’t need photos! LOL

Exactly one couple responded to our ad. They were a bit older than us, mid 50’s, but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. They had a hot tub and wanted us to come right over. This is NOT typically the way we do things. We like to know people and become friends or at least good acquaintances before playing to help establish some chemistry. But we like to step out of the box sometimes, so we emailed them back asking for a photo. DUMB!! My ad specifically said that in order to receive a reply, they must include a photo.  I hate having to ASK for a photo, because then if there isn’t an attraction, it’s very difficult to say, “well we were interested, but after viewing your photos, not so much.” The female wasn’t unattractive. She was slender with blonde hair, but she did look a bit old and hubby just wasn’t feeling like there would be a connection. The guy on the other hand…..I don’t want to be rude, so I am going to say this in the nicest way possible. He looked like Albert Einstein with glasses. Gray hair that was sticking up on end, huge glare on his glasses, and I swear his eyes were closed. How on earth does anyone expect me to see that photo and say, “Oh wow, please please please let me fuck you asap!”

Luckily they lived almost an hour and a half away, so we just explained that we didn’t want to drive that far on a work night. They did offer to let us spend the night, but we declined “because the kids couldn’t stay home alone over night.” True, but also convenient.

So what did I learn from this experience?

  1. The theory that says no photos in the initial email is a bad sign seems to have more evidence to support it.
  2. Age does matter if people look their age (and older)
  3. Looks matter
  4. Craigslist probably has no better success rate than any other booty call option
  5. We were horny, but not that horny!
  6. One should be careful not to describe themselves TOO accurately on a site that is available to the general public.

Does this mean I am giving up on Craigslist? Absolutely not!! I’ll try again and keep reporting back on our success rate.

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