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My Hubby Watches Me With A New Friend

 Posted by on 19 June 2010
Jun 192010

So we pulled into his driveway and looked at each other.    I changed into my lower cut top, the one I didn’t want the kids to see me leaving the house in.  We walked up and my potential new playmate answered the door.  He invited us in and introduced himself.  I gave him a little kiss.  Definitely cute, just like the pic he had sent us when he answered our Craigslist ad.  There was soft lighting and he had has television on.   He offered us something to drink — all three of us chose something non-alcoholic, and we sat down in the livingroom to talk.  I sat next to him on the couch and my husband sat in a chair.  He muted the television, which is a very good thing in my book.  I can’t tell you how much I HATE having a tv on for background noise when I’m trying to talk or have sex.  No fun at all!

The three of us talked about sex, craigslist,and lifestyle.  It was fine, nothing too interesting.  It was after 10pm on a work night when we got there, so we knew there wasn’t a lot of time for “deciding”.   He was clean, nice, respectable, and good looking.  He made a comment about making it to the bedroom and then corrected himself by saying “if” we make it to the bedroom.   At one point he left the room briefly and I touched base with my husband to make sure he was good with something going down.  When he came back to the living room, we talked a little more and then I got things going.

I invited my husband to come sit on the couch where I had been sitting.  There was some confusion about what exactly I was asking, by both men.  But once they were sitting on either side of the couch, I straddled my new guy and started kissing him.  Very nice.  Very yummy.  Very soft.   We pressed our bodies together and he caressed my tits.  We figured out how to get my bra off and he kept kissing me and getting me extremely turned on.  I buried my face in his crotch and teased his cock through his shorts.  Letting my hot breath penetrate the fabric.   After a while I came up and whispered in his ear asking him to invite me to his bedroom.

The three of us walked in.  He had a nice, clean bed and there were candles and music already playing.  Some might thing that is presumptuous, but I found it very nice to not have to stop what we were doing for him to have to “get the room ready”.  Once in the room, we both took our clothes off and climbed on the bed.  My husband sat near the bed to watch.  Much of our time was spent with him pleasing me orally.  He pulled me to the edge of his bed and kneeled on the floor to bury his face in my pussy.  He was very skilled and very ready to spend plenty of time licking, tasting, and arousing me.  I started to get nervous that I was going to gush all over his face and didn’t know if I should warn him or not.  I took my cues from him, because the closer I got, the more intense he became and the deeper he buried his mouth.   I had several orgasms with his face down there, not all gushing, maybe not any gushing, but several intensely satisfying orgasms.  Soon he was fucking me in that same position; me on my back with my pussy at the edge of the bed and him standing there feeding his hard dick into my pussy.  He was very attentive and made sure his hard on would last by alternating between fucking me and eating me.  My husband came over during this time and I sucked his cock while he touched and caressed my torso.  After quite a while of fully enjoying this, I invited my new playmate onto the bed and asked him to lay on his back so I could be the one giving attention.  I climbed on top of his cock and started riding him and kissing him.  Then I did a little of the rocking motion I’ve recently learned and was able to let loose with a nice warm gush all over his cock and balls.  He REALLY liked that and a few minutes later said something like “cum all over my dick.”   Well how can a girl say no to that?

Next I moved myself down and carefully removed his condom so I could suck and stroke his cock.  It was intensly wonderful.  Not rock hard, but not exactly soft either.  It tasted salty and I couldnt tell if he had come in the condom or if it was his precum I was tasting.   I enjoyed the relative quiet stillness of sucking his cock and allowing my glow to radiate throughout my body.  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  It was about 11:45 and both my husband and I had to work in the morning, so we said our good nights and thank yous.   My new playmate and my husband shook each other’s hands and I gave him a good night kiss.

The ride home was spent with me saying at least 10 times, “He was fun!”  We are all 3 looking forward to next time!

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    Love your descriptions of the evening. This sounds very much what my husband and I do. He actually prefers to watch than join in. Sometimes I will meet the man by myself (someone we know, never a stranger) and will keep my cell phone open so my husband can hear what’s going on during the actual sex.



    Natalie – I did that once as well with the cell phone. It was done more because the guy was pretty new and my hubby was a little nervous, so it wasn’t as sexy as it could be. I think it would be very hot to think about my husband home masturbating while he listens to me getting fucked by another guy.


    What a beautiful story! I love to overwhelm the one I’m with with pleasure. When she fulfilled and exhausted I love to gently put her pantys on her and help her dress, all after a full body massage.

    LOVE this blog…


    I love this story! Tell me more!

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