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May 182014

Arguing Couple

This is a post that I wrote over a year ago.  This relationship was intense while it lasted.  I’m a Taurus and he was a Scorpio.  If you believe in that kind of stuff.   In any case, it ended as intensely as it began and it actually took me quite a bit of time to get over him.  I never posted this, I think because I had such intense feelings.  I kept thinking I needed to either write more or less.   Time has moved on, and our “breakup” was now over 6 months ago, so I’m ready.


Originally written May 2013:

We recently had a very wonderful night with some hot new friends.   Every once in a while I like to take some time to recall our sexual encounters and share those stories here.  If you’re interested in reading more, try some of these posts:   Sex and Handcuffs with MrBadBoy Swinging While My Husband Watches, Playtime Details with a New Single Guy, or Sexy Time with a New Friend.

We had been invited to meet some friends for a couple drinks in their hotel room before attending the larger event downstairs.  These are some very fun and sexy folks who we just haven’t had the opportunity to play with even though we’ve known them for years.  While waiting in their room, another couple came by to visit.   I had an instant attraction to the guy: tall, dark, and handsome.  Dark eyes, dark hair, dark demeanor.  We flashed some glances while chatting and confirmed that we shared some similar dark interests.  The group of us did a round of shots and then went down to the party to flirt, dance, and people watch.  I lost track of MrDarkEyes for a bit, but my antennae was on high alert.  Just thinking about the way he looked at me with an intensity that let me know that he understood exactly how to please me.

Finally after some back and forth between various hotel rooms, catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones, we found ourselves back in the hotel room of MrDarkEyes and his incredibly sweet, sexy, creative girlfriend.   He pulled me into a little alcove area just inside the hotel room door and started kissing me.  Fucking incredible kisses that made me so hot with anticipation.  He pushed me up against the wall and rubbed his hands down my back and over my ass.  I pulled my skirt up so that I could wrap a leg around him.  Yes, there was definitely some chemistry happening there.   Eventually I went down on my knees to taste and caress his sweet, sexy cock and while I was doing that, he called his girlfriend in to join us.  We both knelt at his feet sharing his cock, and she grabbed a handful of my hair while whispering nasty little comments in my ear.  I felt like I was their little fuck toy and I was willing to do whatever they wanted me to.

Eventually we moved to the main part of the hotel room so MrDarkEyes and I could explore our naughty little connection.  Hubby spent some time watching and cuddling a bit with the girlfriend while she snapped a few photos.  It was incredible and the next morning, he sent me one particularly sensual photo and we started an intense relationship that lasted three months.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    Very nice to read your experiences again. Missed your conversations. Lifestyle wannabe….


    What a great coincidence! And very hot too!


    i’m glad to hear that i am not the only one who has experienced this. i was hoping you would give some detail on how you got over him? i am haunted.

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