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Meeting men on Craigslist

 Posted by on 17 June 2010
Jun 172010

We’ve recently been experimenting with using Craigslist to meet playmates.  I find it really tedious and not very successful at all.   I don’t want to post our photos on Craigslist, and I don’t want to meet people whose photo I haven’t seen.  So Craigslist often becomes a game of chicken; who is going to be first to “give” a photo.  It can be really annoying and it seems to take forever to find someone you might be interested in.

Also, it can be pretty awkward to be connecting with someone via email and then find yourself not at all wanting to hook up once you’ve seen the photo.   How do you tactfully tell someone, “Well now that I’ve seen your photo, I’m not so interested anymore.”   A while ago we had this great email from a couple inviting us to come hang out in their hot tub for a few drinks.  It all seemed like a great way to spend an evening, but once we got the photo, we realized they were quite a bit older than us and that we weren’t interested.

In any case, on Sunday I was looking around Craigslist looking for some fun and interesting ads.  Mr SS has been really wanting to watch me with another guy lately, so we’ve kind of been trying to figure that out.   After a couple (or few) hours of browsing and getting annoyed by Craigslist.  I impulsively posted the following at about 8:40pm:

My husband wants to watch me be pleasured tonight! And soon………

We want to be out the door by 9pm.

Here’s the criteria:
You are over 30
You know how to please a woman orally and sexually
You can host
You send a face pic in your email response
You will wear a condom

You have a hot tub
You live or have a hotel room within 15 minutes of our home

Respond soon, please!

I got a few responses and was ruthless about deleting those that didn’t include photos or photos that I found unattractive.  One guy sent an email with a face photo and a torso photo.  I thought he was cute and my hubby thought he seemed “ok”.   After a couple emails back and forth, hubby and I decided to drive to his place and see what would happen.

Please tune in tomorrow for the story of our encounter!  (Not because I’m trying to lure you back, but because I’m tired and want to perv a few swinger sites before I go to sleep.)

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    Wouldn’t a regular site, a swinger site be much easier and probably safer?
    That was you could look for Single Men that have been tried, and certified.
    IMHO this has worked for us.


      I do understand your point. My problem is that I haven’t been finding men that interest me on our site of choice lately. Just browsing Craigslist in the interest of widening the net.


    Maybe you could try a new website, with new faces and new Single Males. We are new to the Kasidie.com scene and have been very pleased with the fresh new group of people! Check it out you might be pleasently surprised.



    I have met and fucked quite a few women off craigslist, would say out of 10 women, it didn’t work our with 2. I answer ads, but also had a few of my own.

    I enjoy stranger sex.


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