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Forgot How to Flirt

 Posted by on 22 August 2010
Aug 222010

I think I may have forgotten how to flirt.

I tend to ignore inviting texts from friends who want to engage in a little flirtation.  I’m just bored and can’t quite figure out how to enjoy this kind of exchange lately.

I used to enjoy naughty thoughts at work about certain men.  Lately, I just interact with them and not a single naughty thought crosses my mind at all.

How do I get back my flirtatious side?

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    What’s your number.. I have a few ideas ;).

    Seriously though, is there anything in the background weighing on your mind that could be dampening your flirtatious side?


    I have felt the same way.
    Getting flirts from sexy friends and responding through habbit, but not really getting into it.


    Absolutely hands-down the BEST way to make a friend is to be a friend. it requires some selflessness. if a person’s whole focus is ME. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE LIKE ME? then no one will. that person is self-absorbed and will never make a friend because he literally can’t see anyone except himself. he doesn’t have windows out onto the world only mirrors. pretty sad, if you ask me. To be a friend is to put someone else’s concerns over your own even if only for a moment. all it takes is a kind gesture that is selfless and unexpected. if you don’t ordinarily do this, try it: random acts of kindness. i’m kind of addicted to them. get something off a high shelf for someone in the grocery store. if someone drops something pick it up and hand it to them. if someone walks by with a frown, give them a smile. if someone needs past you, say oh, sorry!’ and move over (it doesn’t matter that it’s not your fault that they need past you the sorry’ is self-deprecating, but not excessively so). you might not make forever friends every time you do something nice, but the positive energy builds. pretty soon, other people complete strangers! will want to get acquainted with you, because they sense you’re friendly you’ll get compliments you never expected. people will want to be where you are. i wish everyone here love, happiness, health and prosperity in the coming year. hugs to all!!

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