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Aug 082010

I’ve read articles in women’s articles about the 5 types of friends every woman needs.  It is typically suggested that you have  a friend whose kids are the same age as yours, one who does the same kind of work you do, one who has known you since childhood, etc.

This article is about the 5 types of playmates every swinger girl should have.

1) The wham-bam-thank-you-man.  😉  This is the guy who will give you a good fuck every time and not waste any time doing it.  You can text him and let him know you are horny and have his cock inside you within the hour.  Not a lot of time wasted, but just pure, raw, sexual pleasure.

2) The lazy-daze-lounging-lover.  This guy has a big comfy bed and will let you lounge in it all day long.  You lie together with naked bodies intertwined, alternating between good sex and good conversation.   The sex is good, but there is no hurry to get started or to get finished.

3) The oh-so-good-Bad-Boy.  When you go to visit this guy, you get butterflies in your stomach because he is sure to fuck you in a way that makes your heart beat wildly with adreneline.  He knows how to exploit the fine line between pleasure and pain in a way that pleasure always wins out.   Just when you think he is going to whisper sweet-nothings in your ear, he says something super naughty and makes you nod in agreement.

4) The finer-things-in-life guy.  This guy wants to make sure you are pampered in every way possible before he takes you to the brink of ecstasy.  Sensory pleasures abound!  Fine food, champagne, and chocolate.  Massage oils. Expensive cologne that infiltrates your psyche when you first smell him.  Soft lighting, candles, and sexy music set the mood.

5) The best-bud-boy-friend.  This is the kind of guy that you hang out with doing normal-guy stuff.  Drinks and appetizers while watching the game.  Playing a game of pool or darts.  This is the best kind of male-bonding because he gets to have good guy-type fun, but instead of going home alone to rub one out, he gets to take you home and have super fun, low-key, comfortable, sweaty sex with a cool chick.

Personally I think I have a #1, #2, and used to have a #3, but I haven’t seen him in ages.  Time for me to start looking for a #4 and #5.

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    What is really nice is when you have a combination of one of more Playmates in one. My current favorite is really a combination of #1 through #4! He’s always ready for an afternoon of fun. I love waking in the morning to coffee and breakfast then lounge all day watching movies while being pampered with backrubs and pedicures and rubbing the red ass after a oh-so-nice spanking the night before! We connect sexually as well as intelluctually. Those combination Playmates are priceless!

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