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Details from Wednesday Morning’s Playdate

 Posted by on 13 November 2009
Nov 132009

Good morning all!

Thank you for waiting so patiently for the details of my Wed morning date!  It was very, very fun and I started this entry right away, but there was so much to write, and it’s taken me a couple days.

I am debating how to “name” my boy toys for the purpose of this blog.  Should I give them a “handle” (like badboy6543) or pick a pseudonym for them (like George)?  Interested in your thoughts on that.  For now, I think I will go with the “handle” idea.

So Wednesday morning after getting the kids off to school, I drove over to MrBadBoy’s place and parked across the street.  He told me to text him when I got there and he would come out to greet me.  That’s a good start!  He came up to my car and it almost seemed like he might kiss me right in the street, but I was a little too shy for that, so we walked into his place together.  Once inside, we started things out with a very nice hello kiss followed by a little giggle from me.  He walked me over to his couch where we just sat talking for a while.  He had requested that I wear a skirt, so I sort of draped my legs over his lap so he could touch my legs.  It was really nice just to get to know him a bit better since we’ve really only met briefly about 3 times.  After a bit of learning about each other, he started kissing me again and pulled me to my feet.  (He had already removed my shoes and played with my toes some on the couch….LOVE THAT!)

We kissed a bit more and he took me into the bedroom, where he removed his pants.  His hard cock was a nice bulge in his boxer briefs, so I went over to him and did this teasing thing I love to do.  Essentially I tease my mouth and face over a guy’s cock while he’s still wearing clothing.  Sometimes I’ll expose just the tip and give it a little kiss before hiding it inside the pants again.  So I did that for a bit and his cock was glistening with pre-cum, which is incredibly sexy.  When I stood up, he walked me over to the bed, and laid me down on my back.   Here is where the details begin to get a bit fuzzy.  I think he started by pulling up my skirt (or maybe he had already taken it off) and burying his face in my pussy which is basically my favorite thing in the world.  I was so wet and excited!  And when he began filling my pussy with his fingers, the intensity of what he was doing caused me to squirt all over his hand and face and bed.  Whenever a guy is turned on by that, it makes me cum even more!

He also had incredibly succulent nipples which I so enjoyed sucking and lightly biting.  After a while, he said something like “I can’t take it anymore,” and put on his condom.  I wanted to be fucked doggy style, but he asked to have me on my back instead.  And really that is also one of my favorite positions, so I obliged.  He was nice and slow which was kind of a fun contrast from the intense, slightly rough foreplay we had.  Really enjoyed being fucked by him and finding the correct positions for our bodies to work together.  It’s really different with every playmate as to which positions “work” best.  One of my favorite positions with him was with my left leg over his right shoulder and my right leg wrapped around him.

When we were done, I spent some time kissing his chest, arms, nipples, and cock.  He even let me do one of my favorite things which is to suck on a nice soft cock that is spent from a good fucking.  Most guys tend to push me away and say that they can’t take that much stimulation after orgasm.  MrBadBoy, however, covered his face and allowed himself to experience the intensity even though it was obviously a bit difficult for him.   That turned me on so much!

We layed in the bed for a few minutes and then I got up and got dressed.  He walked me to my car and gave me a kiss good-bye.  I was so turned on that I took about 3 wrong turns on the way home!!  Also found myself smiling throughout the day.  It was a very good playdate and hopefully the two of us will play again soon.

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