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I am a happily married swinger in suburban Minneapolis. My husband and I have been married for 20+ years and exploring various aspects of consensual non-monogamy since the beginning. Sabrina Swings is the place where I share our experiences. The blog is part true erotic swinging stories, but mostly philosophical discussions of some of the lifestyle's most common questions. How do I get into swinging? How do I talk my spouse into swinging? How do I know if I should swing? Do swingers get jealous? How often do swingers have sex? Where can I find a swinging playmate? Hope you enjoy!

Compromise for a Happy Marriage

 Posted by on 1 January 2010
Jan 012010

My husband is out of town for the holiday weekend and I didn’t feel like doing any of the NYE parties alone. We had a little text exchange yesterday on his drive out of town that cracked me up:

HIM: Happy new year babes!  Hope you are having a great day.. and thanks again for being so cool with me going this weekend.. Just let me know how to make it up to you ; )

ME: Sex with black men and bi-sexual men**

HIM: What about straight white guys?**

ME: Yes those too.

HIM: Hmmmm.. well you drive a hard bargain.. Ok.. I can do that. ; )

That little exchange made me smile.  I mean isn’t compromise the most important thing for a successful, happy marriage?

** I will have to create a post describing my fantasies involving bi-sexual men.
** My husband is both straight and white.

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    I am straight, white and open-minded.
    I’ll volunteer for sex with you alone or M-F-M play and will consider M-M play as part of M-F-M depending on the circumstances.


    Interesting!! Can I see your photos anywhere??
    Are you on any of the swinger sites?



    Have you had M-M fantasies before or would this be more a case of trying something in order to please the woman?

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