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About Last Night

 Posted by on 25 July 2010
Jul 252010

Sunday morning.  Time to reflect on the previous night’s activities.

We went out to a house party with some friends that we have known for quite some time now.   They are the most gracious hosts ever and really go all out for this party, making special drink shots, setting up playrooms, and providing little niceties in the bathroom for the guests.   The party was an interesting mix of people and there were many many that I did not know.   I used to be so much better at parties about making sure I introduced myself to everyone in the room and made a point of remembering their names.  I don’t know why I ever stopped doing that.   Last night I did go down a line of people sitting by the fire and introduce myself and my husband to each of them, making an attempt to remember their names.  It was a weak version of how I used to be, but it did remind me of how much more fun it is to be the one making the first step.   We did have the opportunity to see a few old friends and remember what we liked about them … and what we didn’t.

One couple in particular is so sexy and attractive and would be a great 4-way connection for me and my husband.  If only they weren’t drunk, high, or both every time we see them.  I just have no desire to be fucked by a cock, that is pertpetually hard due to the little blue pill, and attached to someone who is so high he has no way of ascertaining any subtletly about how to actually make our sex mind-blowing instead of simply functional.  Four way connections are so rare, and it’s really unfortunate that we can’t seem to make it work with this couple.

So let me talk about the fun parts.  🙂  Like I said, the hosts are extremely sweet and kind.  We used to have a ton of fun with them, and although the attraction has waned, we still really enjoy their company.   My husband and I decided to find a place to fuck each other.  He was easily the sexiest guy there, so why not fuck him?  Right?   The first place we attempted to find had already been “enjoyed” by a lady who apparently knows how to make herself squirt.   Good for her, but hubby and I looked for a drier spot.  We found a little curtained off area with a mattress on the floor.  It looked clean enough, so we laid down and started kissing.   He pulled out my nipples and gently pulled them into his mouth, while cupping their voluptuousness in his hands.   Then he took off his own pants, freeing his hard cock and sliding inside my wet, waiting pussy.    We fucked in that room as other party-goers walked in and out of the area on the other side of the curtain.    We could hear them talking and I’m sure a few peeked in on the action, but hubby and I didn’t even notice.  We were just in our own little world.  Sex isn’t about exhibitionism for either one of us, and sometimes it even makes us self-conscious to be watched.  Last night, we didn’t even pay attention to anyone that may or may not have been watching.  Soon, I was asking my husband to lie on his back so I could be on top.   I find myself enjoying this position more and more as of late.   I sat up and rode his cock at all the right angles making my clit tingle and my g-spot throb.   I had to slow down a couple times so that he could regain his composure, but the final time, he let me know that I had waited too long and he was going all the way.  I increased my rocking and sliding motion until he came inside me.  Because we weren’t at home and there was no condom or towel handy, we stayed for a bit with him inside me while we decided how we were going to make sure we didn’t leave behind a sticky mess for anyone who might want to play after us.  There is nothing I love more than continuing to fuck a man after he has cum.  A lot of guys, my husband included, find this too intense and usually ask me to stop.  Last night though, after a short time of sitting with my husband’s half- hard cock inside me, he let me know that I could keep “fucking it”.  Mmmmm it felt so fucking awesome to just really finish off and let my pussy subside to its normal state while still filled up with my husband’s dick.  Finally, I was finished and stepped across the hall to the bathroom to clean up and bring my husband something to clean himself up with.

Mmmmm!  Fun!

Later in the evening I had sex with a friend of mine who hasn’t gotten nearly enough action on this blog.  He’s basically one of my favorite current playmates and somehow, I just don’t seem to end up writing about our exploits.   And unfortunately, his story will have to wait once again because I am going to play a couple rounds of tennis with my sexy husband!

Be back soon…..

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    we just found you all! cool story, can’t wait to read more:)

    bye~ s


    Glad you found us…. The rest of the story is cumming.

    Too bad my real job gets in the way of my blogging. 🙂

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