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I am a happily married swinger in suburban Minneapolis. My husband and I have been married for 20+ years and exploring various aspects of consensual non-monogamy since the beginning. Sabrina Swings is the place where I share our experiences. The blog is part true erotic swinging stories, but mostly philosophical discussions of some of the lifestyle's most common questions. How do I get into swinging? How do I talk my spouse into swinging? How do I know if I should swing? Do swingers get jealous? How often do swingers have sex? Where can I find a swinging playmate? Hope you enjoy!

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Should You Veto The “Veto Rule”?

 Posted by on 30 January 2015
Jan 302015

The veto rule is one of the most common rules swinging couples discuss when they come into the lifestyle.  The rule essentially gives either party the ability to “veto” play for any reason.  Many people who practice non-monogamy make an assumption that the veto rule is an obvious one.   But I’d like to challenge that idea.  What would happen if you abolished the veto rule? But wait ….. Only Have Sex When You Want To Before we [Read More....]

Jan 232015

Swinging doesn’t just make your life better in the bedroom.  It can vastly improve your life in many ways.  I’ve identified ten ways that swinging has benefitted me personally.  This is the third post in my series Benefits of Swinging. If you’ve missed the first two posts, you can find them here: Benefit #1 – Improves Social Skills and Benefit #2 – Promotes Tolerance. The third benefit of swinging:  Swinging keeps you feeling young!  Aging [Read More....]

Jan 162015

I am very excited about today’s post.  I recently had the opportunity to appear on Episode 8 of the Minneapolis based podcast Poly in the Cities.  I would like to express my thanks to the hosts of the show, Jennifer, Craig, and Amy who were incredibly welcoming.  We had an excellent discussion on Poly and Swinging. You can listen to Episode 8 here and find all the previous episodes by clicking the image below.  Then [Read More....]

Poly and Swinging - Sabrina Swings on Poly in the Cities Podcast
Jan 092015

It’s so easy to sometimes get off track when attempting to embrace our sexuality. What starts out as a desire to express ourselves with confident sexuality becomes an exercise in trying to attain some arbitrary ideal. Our insecurities start revealing themselves with questions like: Am I showing enough cleavage? Am I too fat? Does my skin have any imperfections? Is my pubic hair appropriately trimmed? Will “he” or “she” think I am sexy? These questions [Read More....]

Jan 022015

This is second in a my blog series: The Benefits of Swinging.  This series explores some benefits of swinging that go above and beyond the obvious benefit of sexual freedom and exploration.  I truly believe that I’ve grown from this experience in many ways.  Yes, some of those changes have been in the bedroom, but many of them are outside! If you want to start at the beginning, read Benefits of Swinging #1 – Improves [Read More....]

Nov 242014

You may have heard the term New Relationship Energy or NRE.  This is a term used to describe the unique circumstances which happen when someone in an open relationship finds themselves excited about a new connection.  In the poly world, it might be called falling in love.  In the swinger world, we tend to avoid the “L” word, and substitute something a bit more vague.  Regardless of your semantics, you’ve likely experienced NRE. It’s the [Read More....]

Can New Relationship Energy Happily Co-Exist with Established Relationship Energy?
May 182014

This is a post that I wrote over a year ago.  This relationship was intense while it lasted.  I’m a Taurus and he was a Scorpio.  If you believe in that kind of stuff.   In any case, it ended as intensely as it began and it actually took me quite a bit of time to get over him.  I never posted this, I think because I had such intense feelings.  I kept thinking I needed [Read More....]

Getting Over Intense Feelings in the Lifestyle - MrDarkEyes

Swinging Advice for the Single Guy

 Posted by on 11 May 2014
May 112014

Today I’m answering one of the most common questions I get asked via email!!  How does the single guy break into swinging? Q: Hi Sabrina!   I am SO happy that I stumbled onto your blog.  You are providing such a great service that even beginners like me can appreciate it.  I have some questions for you, and I hope I’m not too wordy in my background explanation. Here goes… I’m a single male 45 [Read More....]

Four Rules for Dating Married Women

 Posted by on 5 May 2014
May 052014

Four Rules for Men Who Date (or want to date) Married Women: 1. Make me feel desired….. Part of the reason we (and, I assume, other swingers) open our marriage is for the fun and excitement that new flirtations can bring. Talk with me, get to know me as a person, and let your eyes tell me that you find me attractive. 2. Acknowledge this guy standing next to me….. You know, the one I’m [Read More....]

Feb 062014

Hello readers!! Today I’m sharing a site with you that I recently became aware of through an email from their marketing folks.  I’ve spent the last couple weeks looking around XXX Sex Guides, and this post is going to share some of my favorite finds there. #1)  The Five Commandments of Casual Sex is a fun post with 5 helpful suggestions for keeping your casual sex partnerships casual, hot, and healthy.  I especially love the [Read More....]